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How to Find flutter SDK Path in Android Studio

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to resolve Flutter SDK which not found in the specified location in Android Studio. By reading this post we hope you know how to configure Flutter SDK or How to locate the Flutter SDK ?.

If you want to develop Flutter App using IDE Adroid Studio, surely you have to install Flutter SDK. After that you install Android Studio and plugin Flutter for Android Studio. But when you run Android Studio and choose New Flutter Project, you see something strange like image below :
not find flutter sdk
As you can see the above image, it displays empty Flutter SDK Path. Before we solve this problem. First, let's find out why this happened
  1. I install Flutter SDK on drive C:/Dev/flutter
  2. Andoroid Studio installed on default path C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio
  3. Flutter and Dart plugin have been installed on Android Studio
The problem is Android Studio can't find location (path) of Flutter SDK even though we have installed Flutter and Dart plugin.

Here is a step by step guide you can follow to overcome that problem

1. Find out of Flutter SDK location

How to know where is the location of Flutter SDK, open CMD (command prompt) then just type flutter doctor -v

Based on the above display, we see the line of Flutter SDK Path :
Flutter version 2.8.1 at C:\Dev\flutter

It means that the location of Flutter SDK :C:/Dev/flutter

2. Set Flutter SDK path

Now you point the location of Flutter SDK (C:/Dev/flutter) in Android Studio like figure below :

To continue just click Ok then Next

3. Create Flutter App

When you see display like this :
Give the name of your project. Remember, the project name must be "lower_case_with_underscores". Then click finish and you're ready to develop Flutter App.
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