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Gmail template as internet mail marketing

Have you ever received an email contain a product or other imformation presented in attractive template.Usually, we use email such as gmail and others, there is only option to beautify our email from text-side, such as: bold, italic, color etc.

There are several free mail template provider, but the author feels the feature provided by Flashissue offer something very interesting, especially for gmail's user. We can send email to the people like internet mail marketing.

One of the best feature provided by Flashissue  is synchronization with a web. So, if you have a web, then you want send several articles to others, just drag that article to our mail.

You are courious about the appearance of the such mail template, here's an example which i don't waste my time to copy article from my website..just drag selected article.

Look at the left side, just clik tab MyStuff and enter url address you want it. Then select article you want and drag it to mail template as show by right side figure.

The question, how to display the feature of mail template on our google mail.

Step 1
  • Type url addres Flashissue
  • You'll find sign in on top left side, then log in using your google mail.
  • Click allow button in order to get permission for plugin Flashissue in your google mail.

Step 2
  • You'll see pop-up window containingthe steps in designing mail template we want. 
  • You also can design the template by yourself. At the bottom, there are tools in designing template.

Step 3
For the people who work in offering product and the detail information of such product is included in your company's website, just type url and drag it to mail template. Now you can send content mail template to your customer.
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